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Factors that Influence the Motivation of Learning

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As Robbin wrote (1998) in Sudiyono (2012) that motivation is the willingness to exert high level of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort’s ability to satisfy some individual need. The other expert said that motivation is a ‘push’ comes from one’s inside of himself. Motivation appears usually because of  someones’ need of power, affiliation, and achievement. (David McClelland, 1961 in Anwar Prabu Mangkunegara 2005).


Learning is an effort to know and to understand something, by learning we will know or understand something that we didn’t before. According to the Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, learning means knowledge gained by study. Reffers to the theoritical above, we can say that ‘motivation of learning’ may be opinied as a need to achieve knowledge gained by study.


Factors that influaece the motivation of learning. There are some factors that were investigated to be able to influence the motivation of learning, they are :

  1. Internal factors, these factors comes from indiviual. The quality and quantity of this factor is not the same among one to the other persons.
  2. Family factor, this is one of very significant factors that keeps role to someone’s motivation of learning. In a family members, parents have a big ‘act’ to their children. If a father or mother used to fill their time by learning, it will be followed by their children, because it’ll be easier for parents to give example than instruction.
  3. Environment factor, this factor belong to the external factor that influences the motivation of learning. It’s role is very strong, why, because almost all of our activities will not out of our environment, so far as our environment is good, it will give us a positive affect, and it conducts in contrary.
  4. Supported fasilities of learning, without the representative fasilities of learning usually the motivation of learning will be lower then if it is.

Coclussion, motivation of learning can be influenced by both the internal and external factors. All factors that influenced peoples’ motivation of learning, except comes from himself, were called external factors.

Pertanyaan :

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