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Hajj and Its’Implications

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Hajj and it’s Implications

There are five components of article of Islam, i.e., creed, prayers, alms, fasting, and Hajj. Muslims are also told that they must go to Mecca at least once in their lifetime if they can afford to do so.  This trek is called the Hajj.

Annually, millions of Muslims embark on a religious pilgrimage called the “Hajj” to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The mass migration during the Hajj is unparalleled in scale, and pilgrims face numerous health hazards. The extreme congestion of people and vehicles during this time amplifies health risks, such as those from infectious diseases, that vary each year. Since the Hajj is dictated by the lunar calendar, which is shorter than the Gregorian calendar, it presents public-health policy planners with a moving target, demanding constant preparedness. We review the communicable and non-communicable hazards that pilgrims face. With the rise in global travel, preventing disease transmission has become paramount to avoid the spread of infectious diseases, including SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), avian influenza, and hemorrhagic fever.

The Hajj occurs every year on dates that vary because the Islamic calendar has never been updated from a lunar base.  Mecca is in Saudi Arabia and millions of Muslims from around the world travel there every year.

It is indisputable that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have remained the best example of one who followed the Quran for guidance, the very inspiration sent to him by God. The Quran is what he would have used not only to guide himself, but to teach and remind others with (50:45). The Quran would have remained the criterion to discern between right and wrong (furqan – 25:1) and the clarification of all matters necessary for the right ‘deen’ (tibiana lekulli shayin 16:89).


Satan is committed to lead mankind off the right path and to instill alien practices not sanctioned by God’s word. Sadly, many of today’s practices performed in the name of Islam are no different and have not escaped Satan’s guile. Satan’s attack is unrelenting and his assault is from every place (7:17). He introduces rituals, superstitions and confounds man into believing in them.


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