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Lebaran Day

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Lebaran Day is a day of Moslem’s symbol of win after they have finished their compulsory to do fasting in fully a month of Ramadhan. One of unusual condition a few before and after that day is the increasing of public transportations. At the time of Lebaran Day arrives, it always happens the business of public transports for land, sea, and air ones.

The above condition is caused by many people who ‘go home’ (mudik) after almost a year worked in some big cities in all round of Indonesia. One in a year, they use to spend their vacation in their hometown, they will use all public transportations exist to ‘go home’, eventhough the must competate to get the tickets or paying double for them, but they’ll do it happily.

Lebaran unique traditions like that only exist in Indonesia. In other countries we will not encounter such Lebaran tradition like that, including in Islamic countries such as like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Even in Saudi Arabia states that is as Qibla for Moslem,  there is no particular tradition of welcoming day of Eid al-Fitr which is in Indonesia said as ‘Lebaran. Day’.

Another unique thing against Lebaran Day, Moslem in Indonesia usually welcomes it by preparing some ‘equiptments’ like : new dress, shoes, Lebaran cakes and kupat, then followed by doing some traditional rituals of jiarah and silaturahim to forgive for all sin – body and soul –  one to another Moslems.


  1. The unique happen surround of Lebaran Day is almost different in all Moslem countries. (T – F)
  2. Mudik can be found in other countries with different call. (T – F)
  3. Lebaran Day is welcome only by Moslem who finished their fully a month fasting of Ramadhan. (T – F)
  4. There are many people doing jiarah except Moslems in Lebaran Day. (T – F)
  5. There is almost no differences of trafficf volume between before and after Lebaran Day. (T – F)
  6. The same condition of statement (5) happens in the other Islamics countries. (T – F)
  7. Lebaran Day is as the oposite of win for Moslem after doing fasting in Ramadhan. (T – F)
  8. Cost of public transportation in Lebaran Day increase following the market mechanism, because on that day demand is less than usual. (T – F)
  9. They are happy to buy tickets because the condition is normal. (T – F)
  10. There is no significant difference from year to year about surround of Lebaran day in Indonesia. (T – F)