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Ramadhan and Holy Qur’an

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By H. Sudiyono




Ramadhan is one of the twelve months in a year. It’s often called as ‘king’ of months. In this month Moslem (who have fulfilled the role of Islam) do their compulsory, doing fasting. Moslem race to do goodness during Ramadhan.


Ramadhan is also known as holy month for Moslem, here Allah SWT revealed Al Qur’an with Angel Gabriel as an introduction to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the cave of Hiro on 17th of Ramadhan. On that time Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  was early 40’s. Holy Qur’an was  revealed to the earth step by step, not suddenly. It took time for 22 years, 2 months, and 22 days.


There’re many names of Al Qur’an, i.e. Al Furqon (differentiator), means that Qur’an gives us information where is good and bed, where  may be done and not, where is right and not, etc. As Suhuf (pages), means showing us no pages was uncovered by it. Al Kitab (book of Allah), means no book in the world is able to same the holy Qur’an. Az Zikr (warning), means to warn people to live in the tract of regulation.


Al Qur’an is the book of the parent, it’s as a main reference of all references, as source of all sources, and as basic of all sciences and knowledge.  Al Qur’an covered and regulated all nature needs. It teach us how to praise Allah SWT., how to live and communicate with other people, and how to live side by side with nature and our environment.


Threre are so many and complete concepts of life covered in the Qur’an. Concept of life sciences described in great Big Bang, as in 1927, Hubble (scientist) proposed a theory of the origin of the formation of the universe, it’s called Big Bang Theory. Concept of social  described a category of human being, there are Muttaqien, Kafirien, and Munafiqien. There are still many other concepts of life, i.e concept of real lucky people, losers, and so on.