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The Other Sides of Mudik

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English Corner

By H. Sudiyono





Mudik is a traditional habit of Indonesian people who intend to come back to their homeland one a year again and during the Idul Fitri holidays. This activity is usually done by Indonesian Moslem who work and wander far away from their homes concerning with the long national holidays taken by the Indonesian government as a public policy to respect the Moslem communities to celebrate their ‘day of champion’ after a full month doing fasting.

There are several reasons as the back ground of such Mudik activities, i.e. : (a) the places of work of the Indonesian people that far from their homes, examples, there are many people who lived in small/urban cities work in some big cities in Java, (b) there are also many people from one island work at the other islands, example, people from Java work in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, and many others, (c) many people from Indonesia who work abroad, example, in Saudi Arabia, Europe countries, and other Asian countries.

There many kind of ways are done by the people who want to go home to their homes for Mudik : by land, sea, and air transportations. Land vehicles  that usually used are trains, buses, personal/private cars, motor circles. Sea vehicles are ships, boat, ferries, hovercrafts. Planes and helicopters are common vehicles for air transportations.

Concerning with costs of Mudik, especially cost of transportations, people who used public transportations usually  have to spend extra money to by tickets for land, sea, or air transportations. At the Mudik days, all tickets of transportation will increase from a normal prices, even they are many tickets prices increasing nearly twice from the normal price, it may be for example, the air transportations from Java to Papua increasing from IDR 2.8 to IDR 5 million.

In the year of 1434 H/2013 M, it is predicted 22 up to 24 millions people will take participate in Mudik activity. In Java, this activity is going to be dominated by people who ride motor cycles and private cars, trains, buses, and some taxies/chartered transporters. For the other islands, people more interest to choose sea and air transporters, such ships, boats, ferries and planes. During this period, there will be much money spent for transportations, there will be more many to burn for petroleum, gasoline, and solar.

Mudik, at least, is giving so many effects for both people and Indonesian government. There are not less than five effects of Mudik activities, i.e. : social, economical, religious, phycology, and philosophical  effects. There are some tips able to recommend before Mudik ; (a) prepare your mental and phycology, (b) prepare your vehicles, (c) buy your transportation tickets some days before, (d) take cake yourself on the way, (e) keep attention to the traffic regulations, (f) always beware !


Exercise to remind :


  1. What is Mudik to your opinion ?
  2. What are the reasons of people doing Mudik ?
  3. How do people usually Mudik ?
  4. What happen with the transportation tickets price during Mudik season ?
  5. How many people will Mudik in the year of 1434 H be predicted ?
  6. Tell some tips for Mudik safely ?


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